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Principal's Message

Greetings San Jose parents and community members!


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. It is with great pleasure welcoming you and our new school families to San Jose this year.

As we continue our journey with the implementation of common core state standards, our instructional program will continue the focus of empowering every student with technology integration, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to promote success for each student. We will also continue to empower every student to assist in creating a school climate that promotes Safety, Respect and Responsibility in every classroom.

As we continue our journey on the path to success, I encourage each of you to Be the One to make the difference for our students.

I look forward to our continued collaboration and look forward to a successful school year!



Jorge Amancio


We are San Jose Home of the Sharks!


Students Honoring Academic Rigor Knowledge & Success!

The Shark acronym embodies the new direction of San Jose.  We are on the cusp of the "Common Core State Standards" and recognize how important it is for us to provide academic opportunities that are rigorous, provide depth of knowledge, and empower our students to be successful. 



Success is measured in many ways. The success we seek for our students is that they be able to exercise their liberties, communicate their ideas, collaborate in society, and experience fulfillment.  We want them to be successful in arenas from cradle to college and beyond.  We all desire to see our students exercise honorable conduct, so we work to infuse character building activities.  We all desire to see our students achieve academically, so our teachers prepare and present engaging lessons.  We all desire that our students rise to the standards set for them, so we provide rigor to equip. Finally, we encourage depth of knowledgeso that our students can navigate through lifes possibilities.   The school faculty, district, community, and solid parent partnerships bring forth the result of successful students.  We are sharp sharks! We are so "Jawsome" and our school is a wonderful place for kids!


The Principals Vision for the San Jose Sharks!


Principal: Jorge Amancio

Welcome Families!

Our school is committed to forming a true partnership by establishing a focus of Respect, Responsibility and Results. As a school we will enforce the focus of Respect, Responsibility and Results by treating our students and families with Respect; be Responsible by providing a challenging curriculum and knowing the needs of our students. In addition, we will expect Results from our students through their academic