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About Us

We have so many success stories to celebrate at San Jose.  The success of our students and their academic accomplishments, the success of our teachers and their instructional abilities, and the success of our community for supporting us through all we do. San Jose earned a 20 point increase in our API through hard work and dedication! The school, the faculty, parents, and students should be very proud.


We at San Jose want to thank you for entrusting your children to us.  We also want to convey the importance of school attendance in your child's success. Please continue to partner with us in supporting the academic process by having your child in school every day.  When children are in school, they have a better chance at success and more opportunities to learn.



 Who are the Sharks?


Students Honoring Academic

Rigor, Knowledge, and Success


Who are the Sharks?


Teachers and Administrators

Rigor, Knowledge, and Success

Specialists Honoring Academic

Who are the Sharks?



Staff Members

Staff Honoring Academic



Rigor, Knowledge, and Success

What do Sharks do?

Think=Critical Thinkers


Read=Comprehensive Readers

Speak=Articulate Speakers

Listen= Engaged Listeners


Lead=Character Traits in Action 

Write=Expository Writers